Guided Tours

By contacting specifically trained escorts you can arrange guided tours to Ragogna to discover the historical and naturalistic aspects or organize excursions. To request a guided tour or take a guided tour supported by qualified people who can provide technical equipment, you can use the following contacts.

Guided tours of the places of the Great War

Marco Pascoli – Tel. 347 3059719

Nature tours (Lake, Mount, Cutting)

Nicola Carbone – Tel. 347 8448909

Guided tours

Glauco Toniutti – Tel. 339 5225403

For access to the Castle during scheduled openings (see
Ragogna Association Helps Ragogna – Tel. 340 8415410

Descent on cutting with canoes or inflatables

Claudio Salvalaggio – Tel. 349 506 8928

Mountain Bike Tours

Alessandro Cabai – Tel. 347 4731313
Driving cycle, MTB escort

Pilade Simonitto  – Tel. 348 2864414
Driving cycle, MTB master